A unique experience,
a journey to youth.

A unique experience, a journey to youth.

Aesthetic training created for professionals who seek to treat aging from its roots and achieve excellence in their results.

What is Sulyfth® therapy?

SULYFTH® is a 90-minute manual lifting therapy, which affects all the anatomical structures of the face, from the deepest to the most superficial.

The treatment consists of various specific techniques for each structure and with more than 450 different movements, treating, without exception, all the signs of aging of each facial bone biotype. For this reason, Sulyfth® is considered one of the most complete therapies with the best results on the market.

Sulyfth has been awarded twice as best manual facelift therapy. It has been highlighted and positioned by recognized and veteran professionals in the sector, and by the national press of the best newspapers in the country, as “unique.”

What is the purpose of this therapy?

The purpose of Sulyfth® therapy is to prevent, improve and slow the appearance of signs of aging associated with each facial bone biotype through a sublime protocol that offers excellent results.

At the same time, the work carried out on the body axis allows us to release the rigidity of the pelvis, improve the position of the shoulders, neutralize the cervical axis and increase the ventilation range of the diaphragm.

For 90 minutes Sulyfth® provides well-being, relaxation and inner peace.

It’s like a trip you won’t want to come back from.

Why should I do this aesthetic training?

With the training of MANUAL LIFTING SULYFTH® ‘Sublime Lifting Therapy’ you will have in your hands a versatile Method that will allow you to treat in the same session and without exception, all the structures associated with the aging of each facial bone biotype.

You will expand your knowledge about the different structures, anatomy and physiology of the skin.

In addition, you will strengthen your skills when it comes to treating, individually, the signs of aging of each of them.

Thanks to the professional aesthetic training of the Sulyfth® face lift, your clients will benefit from excellent results and 90 minutes of Sublime Therapy well-being.

What areas are treated?

SULYFTH® is an Axis-Face working method that consists of a series of techniques that start from the sacrum and go through the spine, diaphragm, scapulae, shoulders, cervical, neckline, nape, neck, face, skull, and eye contour.

What techniques are used?

All the techniques used were created by YVETTE PONS, they are copyrighted and registered as intellectual property.

– Sacral release exercises.
– Pelvic neutralization techniques.
– Scapulae and shoulder opening technique.
– Pericervical collar relaxation technique.
– Chest cavity opening and diaphragmatic unblocking technique.
– Lymph-Venous Drainage Technique.
– Deep Fascio-Muscular Technique.
– De-stressing Technique.
– SMAS-Dermal Technique.
– Intraoral and Intranasal Technique.

What is included on the course?

3 Modules of 2 days each

Full-time (check dates and location at calendar)
Dossier and Diploma

In-person course price: €1800

In the event of a student’s cancellation or absence, no amount will be refunded under any circumstances. In the event of cancellation by our company, YVETTE PONS TRAINING, the total amount paid will be refunded.

SULYFTH® acts directly on the entire anatomical and physiological structure that weakens and diminishes over the years.


Check the results of the Sulyfth® method.
Before and after one or two sessions.




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